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What Students Say

Peter F.

I've been taking live and occasional on-line lessons, when my schedule doesn't allow the live lessons, for over three years with Brett. He is a very accomplished musician and composer, I say that because he is much more than your ordinary guitar instructor. He's helped me to raise my skill level on guitar from a frustrated mid-level beginner (been "playing" for about 15 years on and off before that) to a confident advanced intermediate guitarist. Again I say guitarist v. guitar player, because as a guitarist you really have an understanding of the instrument and most of all, the music theory behind what you are doing/learning. There have been some sessions where we would talk almost exclusively about theory and scales and keys, etc for almost the whole session. And that's one of Brett's strongest attributes, his ability to communicate abstract concepts and theories in a very easy to understand, digestible way. One of his biggest mantra's is take things in small blocks, master it, then move on.

I would highly recommend Brett to anyone, he really makes learning fun!

Anthony A.

I have been taking lessons with Brett for almost 9 years now and I can honestly say that without him I don't know where I would be. I have so much knowledge not just of the guitar but of music theory as well which is something not a lot of "teachers" discuss. He bases the lesson around you're playing ability and makes it more personal than a lot of other people. He really focuses on the student and relates most of his teachings to things that the student might find more understandable. I myself am a big fan of metal music, Brett knows this and is able to help me understand theory a lot better by showing me ways to apply it to the kind of music I enjoy and ultimately make my music a lot better and more interesting. All in all if you need a guitar instructor look no further than Brett because he's the best you're gonna get.

Gary J.

Great teacher with abundance of knowledge about music theory. He presents himself in a very professional manner and his teaching skills are impeccable. It appears that Brett can teach any level of guitar with ease. I have been taking lesson for approximately 3 months and am learning at a pace that makes me want to join a band.

Dennis D.

I've been taking lessons with Brett for over a year now and it's been a fantastic experience. My journey started, however, long before our first meeting.

Over two years ago I decided it was time to up my game and increase my understanding of music theory and music in general. In order to accomplish this I felt I needed a teacher, but not just any teacher. I had a few strict requirements in mind. First, I wanted someone who had a degree in music. Brett's a graduate of Berklee College of Music. Check. As a bass player I wanted a guitarist for a teacher. To me, being able to ask questions and talk to someone who understands the interaction between bass and guitar is key. Brett's a pro guitarist and an accomplished musician. Check again. I also wanted someone who understood the music I listened to and played and was also versed in other styles of music. Again, check.

Brett met and surpassed everything I wanted in a teacher. And to top if off, he's one cool dude. My only regret is not starting sooner.

Mike R.

If you want to learn how to PLAY the guitar, you want to take lessons from Brett. I’ve been taking lessons from Brett for about a year and have never met a more talented and knowledgeable instructor. Each lesson starts with me explaining what I did with the material from the previous lesson, what’s working and what I’m having trouble with. He actually listens to me and develops a lesson dealing with what I want to learn, not what he thinks I should learn, in a clear and understandable fashion. His passion comes out in his caring about you learning to be a better guitar player in a friendly and supportive manner. Whether it is technique or theory you’re interested in Brett can help you. He has answered every question I have had in a clear and understandable way. I usually end a lesson by saying “that was the best guitar lesson I ever had”, each one just keeps getting better. I just can’t say enough good things about Brett, and would highly recommend him.

Nemiah V.

I started playing guitar late in the game, so to speak, and was nervously apprehensive about taking lessons. Luckily for me I live fairly close to Brett's teaching location and was able to begin lessons with him almost a year and a half ago. Brett put my worries at ease and never forced a learning pace that I couldn't keep up with, which was fantastic as my hectic work schedule only allows for so much practice in a week. Although I could strum a few open chords and pluck out "Smoke On The Water", I was basically a blank slate and if you are willing to absorb what Brett has to teach, you will find yourself progressing at a ridiculous pace. We have covered scales, modes, chords, voicings, progressions, strumming and every picking style under the sun. And he listens! Did you hear me? Brett is not one of those instructors that has a plan for you before you walk in the door, but at the same time is a master of being able to layout a lesson in the blink of an eye, based on what you are ready for.....and sometimes what he knows you need to work on. Believe me, the first time he cued up some Satriani and said "you're going to play this now", I almost had an aneurysm. But although I didn't think I could, he knew I could, and I did it. So, in short, Brett Miller is a Master....a Guru, maybe even a savant (once you see him listen to a song for the first time and be able to tab it out in 30 seconds, you will agree), and he is damn sure the best guitar instructor I have had the luxury of working with. And he's one hell of a good guy to boot.

Elie B.

I've been a bass player for many many years and starting focusing on guitar a few years ago. I had a good theoretical background but lacked the knowledge and technique to apply it to the guitar. Brett was able to teach me all the guitar specific techniques and take my playing to the next level by showing me how to apply my theory knowledge to the fretboard.

I have now been taking lessons for a year and a half and have yet to have one I did not greatly benefit from!

Bennett H.

What I enjoyed most about my two years taking lessons with Brett was his effort to customize each lesson to areas I needed to work on. He tasked me prior to each lesson, challenging me to go outside my comfort zone. Through his teaching of both technique and Music Theory, he drastically expanded my knowledge of the guitar and better refined my speed and technique. 

I will always be thankful to Brett. He will remain one of my best influences, as not only is he a guitar virtuoso, he is a fantastic resource for equipment, the music industry, and recording advice.

In my opinion Brett is the best in the business – Hands down!